25 things every man should take out of his closet and burn


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If you open your closet and any of the 25 articles of clothing on this list are inside it, the reality is that you need to start throwing things in the garbage.

Perhaps also consider building a dumpster fire.

Each item on this list has no place in an adult male’s wardrobe. Some of these pieces have simply outstayed their welcome; others have been and always will be fashion abominations. You probably just didn’t know it when you purchased them.

We’re not asking for much here. We’re not asking you to go out and buy the newest trend or throw money down on a pair of designer shoes.

We’re just saying that in these cases, less is most definitely more.

“Going out” shirts

This is the male equivalent of a girl’s “going out” top. It’s the shirt in your wardrobe that you think makes you look as if you’re ready to party.

Maybe it has some pinstripes. Maybe you think the color is awesome. Maybe it’s just black —don’t wear that anymore.

Whatever it is, it’s probably too much. Your regular shirts should be fine enough to “go out” in. Don’t try so hard.

Embroidered jeans

Unless you bedazzled your jeans yourself and want to show off your handiwork, there’s really no reason to wear jeans with any kind of detail on the seat.

Plastic flip-flops

If you do own a pair of plastic flip-flops, you should be putting them on when your feet hit the sand at the beach, and then promptly taking them off once you leave. 

That’s because they are for children.

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