Dramatic photos show the trail of destruction Hurricane Irma carved through Florida



Hurricane Irma smacked the coast of Florida on Sunday as a Category 4 storm and made its way up the northwestern coast, weakening slightly to tropical storm status on Monday. The National Hurricane Center forecast suggested the storm could further soften to a tropical depression by Tuesday afternoon.

In its wake, Irma left a trail of destruction. 

Some 6.3 million people in Florida were ordered to evacuate before Irma made landfall, according to the Florida Division of Emergency Management. With winds of up to 70 mph, the storm overturned boats, like this one seen in Biscayne, Florida on Monday.

Streets flooded all along the coast and in North Miami, forcing people to flee their homes with garbage bags.

Homes were destroyed, power lines were toppled, and cars were sunk by Irma’s raging winds and torrential rains. A mobile housing park in Naples, Florida, was nearly razed to the ground.

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