Gigs in space: will musicians ever rock the final frontier?


Metallica has joined a long line of musicians, including Muse and Gabriella Cilmi, who say they want to play the first concert in space. Is it all just more hot air?

So Metallica want to play the first gig in space. Well, of course they do. Join the back of the queue lads, behind Gabriella Cilmi and the bloke from Muse. Because when it comes to pop and the final frontier, it seems every man and his Laika fancies their chances. And why not? Playing in space is glamorous, it’s futuristic, and nobody’s ever done it before. It sounds like a right laugh, does playing in space.

Just listen to Lars Ulrich: “Living in San Francisco which is the gateway to the future, obviously all those things are being planned around San Francisco to a degree, so I feel that we are close to that [playing in space] as we can be,” he told radio station SiriusXM last week. He added: “I don’t really want to commit to anything other than to say that if there really is a possibility for this to happen, then we will happily be at the very front of that line.”

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