How to take the perfect rock shot


Taking pictures at gigs is harder than it looks. Jono White, who’s shot the likes of Wolf Alice from the middle of a moshpit, has some simple tips for success …

Don’t rush things. Stop and wait for the photo to come to you. Too many music photographers frantically scurry around the pit to force a moment or chase a shot. The likelihood is, you’ve already lost it, so wait. If you’re constantly chasing a moment that’s already happened, you’re going to miss one that’s developing where you were stood originally. Having patience will also train your eye and enable you to take fewer but better photos. You can enjoy the performance, and after the show you won’t have to spend the next few hours sifting through hundreds of images to find one to post. You’ll have a concise number of good images, any one of which you’d be happy to share.

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