NBA draft: is the No1 overall pick the No1 overvalued thing in sports?


The Philadelphia 76ers have moved up to pick first in this week’s draft. But sports teams are often blinded by the prestige of a No1 selection

England World Cup teams, New Year’s Eve parties and DC Comics movies. The list of massively hyped things that almost always disappoint probably starts with those three. But right behind them on the list has to be No1 overall draft picks.

Having that No1 overall draft spot is the goal of every fan whose team falls far short of the actual goal of winning a championship. It’s where franchise saviors and generational talents are supposed to be found. The NBA even promotes its annual draft lottery order reveal as a major, live television event, complete with representatives of every team holding lucky charms they hope will earn them the top pick. The Philadelphia 76ers, who have purposely tried to lose their way to the top since for years, moved up from No3 overall on Monday to that coveted first spot. To move up those two places in Thursday night’s draft, the team gave the Boston Celtics their No3 spot and a future first-round selection. The deal touched off waves of celebration among Sixers diehards – many of whom used social media to mock all those who had ever questioned “The Process.”

Perhaps the biggest #RTArmageddon take yet

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