Pink balls at night may not be every batsman’s delight | Vic Marks


All County Championship matches will be day/night this week in a pre-Test experiment but players who are colour blind may have difficulties

There may be some splutterings from the disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, with cornflakes flying into the marmalade as if propelled by a Purdey after reading about County Championship matches starting at 2pm, finishing around 9.30 under floodlights and being played with a pink ball. On Monday this will be the case in all nine games around the country.

A pink ball! The colour pink has so many connotations. Many years ago I was accosted by a mischievous EW Swanton, who asked: “Whatever are you doing writing for that pinko rag?” (After a moment of confusion I realised that he was referring to the Observer). Swanton may not have approved of pink balls either, though there were sages more reactionary than him.

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