Scotland wring concessions from SFA after taking stand on pay | Suzanne Wrack


Players use strong hand heading into the European Championship to step up their complaint in the face of a seemingly intransigent governing body

Equal pay for equal work. It sounds simple enough. Yet it was enshrined in law only in 2010. However, pay parity wasn’t achieved when pen hit paper on the Equality Act. Just as it wasn’t when the women machinist strike at Ford Dagenham in 1968 forced the Equal Pay Act. Though the gender pay gap has been shrinking, in 2017 it stands at 9.4% in Britain.

What has sport got to do with it? So stark is the pay disparity between sportsmen and sportswomen that it has become a hotbed of action. Wave after wave of teams and players have stepped up in an attempt to pull their sport into the 21st century and give girls the chance of a more sustainable career in sport in the future. There are examples across multiple sports but women’s football has been increasingly at the forefront of the fight for change.

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