Snoop Dogg’s homophobia shows how old-school he truly is


The rapper’s latest video, Moment I Feared, sees him mocking his effeminate peer Young Thug, but hip-hop is moving beyond such kneejerk gay panic

Looking like a wizened sage even when he was a young man, and with a flow that trades on lofty observation, Snoop Dogg’s self-made image is of a hip-hop elder statesman. He even managed to stay down with the kids via a run of superb Neptunes-helmed noughties hits. But his latest – and openly homophobic – video shows just how out of touch he now is with modern rap.

Spirits are instantly dampened by the running time: at over eight minutes, it’s clearly going to be full of interminable stoner “comedy”. And so it proves – only it’s worse than unfunny. Snoop interviews a fictional rapper called Fonz D-Lo, who is clearly a caricature of popular Atlanta rapper Young Thug, known for his beautiful singsong vocal style and predilection for wearing women’s clothing. Snoop asks him if he’s gay. “Yes, I’m happy. I’m happy right now,” Fonz replies. Snoop asks him what he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning. “Cock. My annoying neighbours, they have this rooster.”

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