Steph Curry’s vanity project is a kick in the teeth to journeymen golf pros


Golden State Warriors basketball star’s appearance in the Ellie Mae Classic is borderline offensive to those battling in the tough world below the main tours

Imagine the scenario. Golden State Warriors are locked in a fierce play-off battle when Jordan Spieth – inspired by his brother’s basketball success and a capable player in his own right – decides he wants to feature in match five. Spieth’s overtures are accepted, thereby handing the golfer a key spot in another sport’s top domain.

Ludicrous, right? It certainly should be but while the circumstances are not identical there is cause to wonder about the legitimacy of the Tour’s dispensation as given to Steph Curry. The Ellie Mae Classic in California will feature Curry – a basketball superstar and Under Armour icon who plays off two – after the Warriors player was handed a sponsor’s invitation. If it sounds like a vanity project and looks like a vanity project, it tends to be a vanity project.

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