The strangest roadside attraction in every state


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When it comes to planning the perfect road trip, there are a few things you can’t live without. You need games to play in the car, gas station junk food, and a killer playlist.

But if you want to take your road trip to the next level, planning some pit stops along the way will make any long drive more fun.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the country’s strangest roadside attractions, choosing one from every state. Here are the most bizarre roadside attractions worth a stop.

ALABAMA: Ave Maria Grotto

Flickr/Daniel Thornton

This four-acre roadside attraction is detailed, to say the least. Its 125 grottos, statues, and replicas were made of trash and cement by the hunchbacked Benedictine monk Brother Joseph. They’re worth seeing should you find yourself near Cullman, Alabama.

ALASKA: The World’s Largest Santa


This 42-foot-tall Santa stands guard over the town of North Pole, which used to go by Davis before its name changed in 1953. During the cold Alaskan winters, this Santa might feel right at home but when temperatures rise in the summer, it’s apparent that he’s far from “home” — farther than 1,700 miles to be exact.

ARIZONA: London Bridge

Flickr/Bradley Gordon

If you thought that the only London Bridge is in London, you’re wrong. The original London Bridge actually sits over Arizona’s Lake Havasu.

Though the bridge was first built over the River Thames in England’s captial in the 1830s, it was dismantled and brought to the US in 1967 as a tourist attraction for entrepreneur Robert P. McCulloch’s retirement real estate development, Lake Havasu City.

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