The world’s nicest Taco Bell is located on a beach in California and has a walk-up window


taco bell pacifica california

Taco Bell isn’t a particularly glamorous place to eat.

But a store location in Pacifica, California, takes the fast-food chain to a new level. It sits on a beach, takes orders at a walk-up window, and has an oceanfront patio where guests can enjoy their Doritos Locos Tacos. In 2013, Thrillist dubbed it “the greatest Taco Bell in the world.” 

We turned to Instagram to see why the Pacifica location beats all other Taco Bells.

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Yo quiero Taco Bell — on the beach.

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This California location looks more like a beach bungalow than a fast-food restaurant. It sits on Pacifica State Beach, which is about a half-hour drive from downtown San Francisco.

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Its most notable feature is a walk-up window (instead of a drive-through).

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