These sisters in their 30s used to be a lawyer and an economist — until they pivoted into fashion bloggers who reach millions


Amra and Elma

Back in 2012, Elma Beganovich and her sister Amra were working in two of the most traditional careers imaginable.

A former Capitol Hill intern and US Department of Justice clerk, then-26-year-old Elma had completed a law degree and was pursuing her Master of Laws degree in securities and financial regulation at Georgetown University at the time. Amra, who was 29, worked as an economist for different World Bank projects.

And then, everything changed over the course of one evening.

“It really happened over dinner,” Elma tells Business Insider. “We were discussing some do-it-yourself beauty tips, like how to make a face mask out of your kitchen ingredients. One of Amra’s friends said, ‘Well, why don’t you put this online? I’m sure it’d be interesting for people to read.’ We thought, ‘Why not? Let’s do this.”

The conversation marked the beginning of the sisters’ professional swerve from law and banking to fashion blogging, entrepreneurship, and online marketing.

After that fateful dinner, Amra stayed up all night, scanning articles about HTML code, Javascript, and blogging. The next day, the sisters published their first blog post.

“She pulled me into this. I was still a student and I was working part time,” Elma says.

Today, the sisters run two blogging brands — Club Fashionista and Amra and Elma. They have also expanded their business, entering the realm of online marketing and operating a network of 800,000 influencers that serve about 50 clients a month.

Here’s how a lawyer and an economist founded their own fashion-blog-turned-marketing-business and gained over 2.3 million followers in the process:

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At first, the blog was mostly just for fun. The sisters wrote about everything related to wardrobe, makeup, and traveling on budget, and their friends contributed posts as well.

“It was kind of content that was a prettier version of everyday reality,” Elma says. “Like you’re walking on your way to work, and you catch a glimpse of a beautiful flower shop. Something that people could relate to.”

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Within three months, the sisters had accrued an average of 110,000 unique monthly visitors on the blog. Right around then, brands began taking notice, too, offering to pay for product features. The sisters realized that the blog could be spun into a full-fledged business.

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