Tour tear-ups, vintage Wimbledon and shirt pulling done properly | Classic YouTube


This week’s roundup also features a cow and a bull; England’s greatest penalty shootouts; and darts referees in alphabetical order shouting ‘180’

1) Need a Wimbledon mood-setter? Here’s 1961’s Pathé guide, featuring a trademark jaunty soundtrack, details on how the balls were made, and footage of a school chaplain training the ball boys. “Practice makes perfect, and for Wimbledon the preparations couldn’t be more punctilious.” See also Pathé’s 1954 “The Way To Wimbledon” documentary, which starts here. “There’s something besides the conflict of strings and tennis balls that extends Wimbledon beyond the simple courts into a function, a ritual and a challenge.” There’s plenty of vintage tennis action in the Pathé vaults too – including Helen Wills-Moody (“Invincible Helen”) winning again in 1930, and Fred Perry’s 1934 highlights.

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