Using Constraints to Fuel Your Best Work Ever /w Scott Belsky


Scott is one of those guests where I couldn’t possibly do justice to their resume – so apologies in advance to Scott, but here’s the short version: He’s currently the Executive Chairmen of the professional referral platform Prefer, was the founder of Behance, the creative portfolio platform that I’m sure many of you use, VP at Adobe, and author of the bestselling book “Making Ideas Happen.” I’m leaving out a ton – such as his time at Goldman Sachs and as an investor at Benchmark where he got in early on Twitter and Pinterest among others – but you get the idea – incredibly accomplished entrepreneur and passionate advocate for creativity. This episode is overflowing with nuggets but one common thread I’d like to highlight is self-awareness. You’ll hear this come up again and again – Scott is so smart that he actually outsmarts himself by recognizing his imperfections and weak spots and setting up systems that correct them, surrounding himself with people who fill those gaps, and so forth. Although rarely discussed – its a fairly subtle concept that’s often drowned out by more straightforward ones – self-awareness is a massively important attribute and I love how Scott talks […]
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