Watch the intense knife training South Korea’s Navy SEALs go through


    South Korean UDT/SEALsMUSAT.Inc

    South Korea’s elite unit of frogmen have longstanding ties to US Navy SEALs, but some of their techniques, like a recent video displaying their knife training, show their unique style of close-quarters combat.

    South Korean media reports that Korean SEALs have trained with the US’s SEAL Team 6 — the same group that took out Osama Bin Laden — to form an elite unit to take out North Korea’s Kim Jong un.

    In the slides below, see the Korean SEALs training in combat gear and practicing a fearsome knife-fighting regimen with blinding speed and complexity.

    The video starts with the Korean SEALs practicing their form in unison.

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    Next, they go to one-on-one duels, which are lightning-quick and insanely complicated.

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    The takedown on display here is especially savage.

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    See the rest of the story at Business Insider



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