We tried Amazon’s line of men’s work clothing to see if it’s worth the money— here’s the verdict


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Amazon has introduced its own clothing brands in recent years.

Some of the clothing is Amazon-branded — Amazon Essentials — but most of it is sold under private labels.

For men, those labels are Goodthreads and Buttoned Down. Both are available only to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon still isn’t as well known for selling pants and shirts as it is for selling batteries and Bluetooth speakers.

We tried Amazon’s clothing to see if it’s worth the money.


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Each piece of clothing came in its own plastic bag.

Typical for clothing ordered online, but Amazon’s pieces seemed to have been sitting for longer than normal, creating deep creases that were impossible to smooth out without an iron.

That makes it necessary for the clothes to be either washed or ironed before wearing. Common sense for some, but for others it may be an unexpected hassle if you need to wear the shirt immediately.

We tested four different shirts.

And three different pairs of pants.

It would be a mistake to call Amazon’s private labels “fashion brands.” They’re mostly just functional clothing, with absolutely zero frills. It’s clothing created for people who don’t care that much about clothing, but still want to look neat, nice, and put together. I’d wager that’s a good number of people.

The styles aren’t boring, but they’re not exactly adventurous either. It feels like they were created in a lab somewhere to appeal to the broadest swath of men possible. 

It’s clear the Amazon is chasing the crowd that usually shops at mall stores. “If you like J. Crew or Banana Republic oxford shirts, check out Goodthreads’ selection of effortlessly stylish oxfords,” one caption reads for the Goodthreads Oxford shirt.

We weren’t able to test any of the clothing in the long-run, but generally all of it felt solidly made with decent fabrics for the price. Quality was comparable to a mall outlet store, with a slight edge in fabrics used.

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